Open Gate is a 2011 indie film that Starred Tyler Hoechlin and the graceful Agnes Bruckner. The setting of the movie is in a small town in East Texas where the lead role plays a bull fighter and rodeo clown who in the course of his activities finds out the bulls are a front for drug trafficking.
The Unrated movie has a talented supporting cast of Henry Dittman, Josiah D. Lee, Dodie Brown and Craig Nigh. The Drama was directed by Dan Jackson and runs for approximately 1h 54min. The film is the brainchild of A certain Films Productions, partnering with Dahlia Street Films.
The movie began screening in Atlanta, Texas and had some mixed reviews. Rotten Tomatoes give it a 42% rating while IMDb gave it a 6.2/10. Molly Mayuex produced the film. The plot is one that is captivating and offers some insight into bull fighting as a sport. Anyone who views it is bound to enjoy.
Special thanks to our partners ans supporters in shhooting this movie. The help of " - presents for every occasion" and A certain Films Productions was priceless!